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Lesson 6 -- QR code
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* October 23, 2019, 06:29:38 AM
Under default setting, MeSince tags QR code of an user in email being sent. A QR Code contains name and email address.

When you are using MeSince to scan someone's QR code, it jumps directly to the Compose page and the "someone" will be saved into your Contacts simultaneously. You will no longer be annoyed by typing email addresses especially when they may be disastrously long.

When someone scans a QR Code of other person using other APP, he will be directed to the other person’s name card page, which contains his name, email address and the time when he started using MeSince..

Note: The scanning function is in the “Me” page. The scanning function is specific to that current using account. That is to say, when there are two or more accounts on MeSince APP, and you want to use specific one of them to send email to someone, you need to switch to that one before scanning someone's QR code to send email to him. See how to switch accounts here,

Therefore, you can print your QR code in your real world name card or other contact card of you.