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Encrypting Certificate
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* October 23, 2019, 07:45:11 AM
After your email account is set up successfully, MeSince will automatically request the Certificate Issuance System to send a verification email with a verification code to your email inbox. This email is also a welcome email from MeSince with subject - Welcome to use MeSince. Once MeSince APP receives this email, it will submit to verification code to the Certificate Issuance System to finish the email control validation, then the encryption certificate and signature certificate will be issued and installed in your device.

If there isn't email of this subject, it means that the validation for your email isn't completed, so the system cannot automatically configure the certificate. Please check your mailbox if this email is in the Trash folder, or contact the email administrator to add email: to domain: to trust list. If you still do not receive the "Welcome" email, please contact us.