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What and why Timestamped?
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* October 23, 2019, 07:36:06 AM
A timestamp is to add the time information in a file with digital signature, it works as the evidence of the time when a digital file is created. Since email has been invented and widely used, the sending time is taken from the time of the sender's computer or the mail server, which can be modified, and thus, not trustworthy.
Adding a trusted time stamp to every email is a patent pending technology of MeSince®. The idea comes from the real world stamp on a letter. MeSince does’t equal the computer time to the email sent time. Instead, it uses the time from a trusted timestamp server, attach it to the sender's digital signature and send it together with the email. Once MeSince APP receives such an email, it will first read and verify the timestamp server signature data and take trusted time out as the sent time to display it to the user rather than the computer time like traditional emails do.
This solution ensures that the sent time of the email is verified and trusted, and it can be used for a variety of scenarios where the sent time of the email is required. For example, when there’s a need to prove an email is indeed sent before a deadline, the email content signed with the trusted sent time data can be treated as evidence of litigation cases etc.
MeSince has optimized the performance based on standard timestamp technology, by not only using the ECC signature algorithm, but also simplifying the certificate chain for verification process. These minimize the timestamp data to only around 12% of a standard timestamp signature data, make it more suitable for mobile App and ensure faster response. At the same time, we added technical protection measures to the timestamp signature to prevent the timestamp from overriding, which is a further guarantee of authenticity and non-repudiation.
Just like every postal mail must be stamped with postmark, email should also be stamped with a timestamp. Only MeSince support this special feature for you.