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Why do we need to sign and encrypt all emails?
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* October 23, 2019, 07:35:52 AM
Since 1965 when the first email appeared, email has had a history of 53 years. Since its popularization was from 1997 when Microsoft acquired Hotmail, the first free email service provider, there has been 21 years passed.
Email was once the most popular application with largest data flowing on the Internet, but as http, the data transmitted though email is also plain-texted, which is so much like the postcard in real world. We send postcard in real world too, but we never write confidential information on the card.  However, it's quite incredible that we writes almost all information on an plain-texted email, such as information related to work, family and ourselves.
International Standard Organization has published S/MIME protocol for email encryption in 1995, in support of signing and encrypting email using PKI digital certificates. Popular email clients support signing and encrypting emails under this protocol.
To protect commercial and personal confidential information from intercepting(e.g.Find back the forgetten password), the email must be encrypted so that the security of the email content can be guaranteed. If the email is signed, the recipient can be sure that the email is not tampered, which enhance trust online and facilitate further commercial cooperation.MeSince helps implement automated email signing and encryption.
So far, the Internet security industry promotes HTTPs Only. That's because http is plain-text, which is not secure too. We believe, by the effort from MeSince, which automates and simplifies the S/MIME, an age of "S/MIME all email encryption" will come, with all the message being encrypted in whole channels, and security of users' information being protected completely.