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"You have an encrypted voice message", What's that?
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* October 23, 2019, 07:33:25 AM
I received an email whose subject is "You have an encrypted voice message". What does it mean?

Someone used MeSince to send an encrypted voice message to you, only you can open and "read” it, and it can be permanently encrypted and stored in your mailbox. We think that each voice message and short video from your friend and your family is worthy of collection and must be encrypted to protect privacy. Voice message and short video from your loved ones will be a permanent asset.

MeSince not only encrypt all text message, but also encrypt your voice and video messages. You can tap the recording button microphone on the right side of the subject to record your voice message. This message will be sent as an attachment file to the recipient's email, and Only he/she can open to listen this voice message in the world.

Now, use MeSince to send sweet voice message to him/her, only he/she can listen your voice privately.