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It's hard to manage SPAM given all the emails are encrypted. Any suggestion?
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* October 23, 2019, 07:30:58 AM
This is a problem indeed. The traditional method of analyzing the content of emails to determine whether they are SPAM, malicious URL and malicious attachments is no longer applicable. It must be handled by other means.

MeSince adopts an advanced mode of SPAM and malicious mail scanning by cloud computing. For URL links and attachments to emails, they are identified using 360 Security Technology's sophisticated cloud scanning technology. If malicious emails (containing malicious attachments and malicious link) are identified, then it will be automatically archived in the "MalMail" directory and recommend deleting this email.

For SPAM, MeSince uses cloud recognition technology to intercept SPAM, that is, to use the wisdom and strength of the majority of users. As long as the user reports an email as SPAM, the APP uploads the email address and IP address to the cloud server. The number of user reports to determine whether other users receive emails sent from this email address are automatically moved to the trash or directly deleted.

At the same time, in order to prevent misjudgment, user can add any trusted email address to the address book or whitelist so that even if other users have reported it as SPAM, the user will still normally process the email from the trust list. We firmly believe that your active participation will completely help us to eliminate SPAM.