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Lesson 4 – Group
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* October 23, 2019, 06:28:47 AM
Today, we are going to talk about Group in MeSince.

MeSince supports adding groups, which means to gather as many contacts in a group, so that you can send a group email to all members in it. The processes for adding a Group in MeSince are in these two links: (For MeSince Android and MeSinceiOS) (For MeSince Windows Version)

If you want to add someone to your group but he is not in your Contacts, you need to add him in your Contacts first. It's not allowed to add a group member by only typing his ermail. This is a mechanism designed to prevent SPAM.

As soon as you have established a group, you can send group email immediately, but certainly, member who has been added to the group has opportunity to reject. Within a while after you have set up a group, each member you have included will receive a New Group notice, and they see who the group owner is and which members are included and can choose whether to accept to join or to reject. When a member has accepted to join a group, the group will appear in his Contacts and he can send group email to this group too. Certainly, he can choose to leave the group if he wants to. Group owner can see who has accepted and who hasn’t. Note that after the group owner has established a group, he can send email to it right away and everyone of this group will receive the email unless they have rejected in the New Group notice or left the group.

There are different categories in the Contacts, namely, "Me", "My group" and "Exchange group". "Me" is your own account info. "My group" contains the group you have set up, and "Exchange group" contains groups that were set up in the email server, which you may not be allowed to modify, but if there are no group set up on the email server of your email address, then this category will not appear.

Some may ask where the contacts are from. First, MeSince automatically adds in Contacts every recipient of every email you sent. Second, recipients from emails that contain “RE” in the subject, or from a replying email will be added to your Contacts too. You can add someone’s account into your Contacts by scanning his QR-code or by typing manually.

Therefore, we suggest you attach your QR-code in your email, so that others can scan to send email to you and add you to their Contacts. When using other application to scan QR-code of your MeSince account, you can see your name card.