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Lesson 3 – Say an Email
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* October 23, 2019, 06:28:16 AM
As we all know, it is still a painful thing to write an email on a mobile phone. MeSince innovatively created “Say” email. A single click on the button besides the email subject field in the composing page, you can start to record your voice message, which can be as long as 5 minutes. By clicking the attachment icon, you can attach image, video or take photo or video to attach to the email.

MeSince® let you “say” email that the recipient hears your promise that you speak personally can enhance trust and may even have a more magical effect than your “write” email. MeSince encrypt your voice messages and short video before sending, only the recipient can decrypt this important voice message file and short video file. Keep your friends and family's valuable voice message files and short video files permanently encrypted in your email inbox and local computer, which is a worthy collection of digital assets.

Not only that, all voice files and short video files are digitally signed with the sender's certificate, accompanied by a trusted timestamp time to ensure that these voice messages and short video files are indeed recorded and sent by the sender, with non-repudiation and non-tampering attribute.

Because MeSince encrypts all emails by default, voice and video recorded are encrypted as well. This makes it different from other email client software.