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What's the difference between the charged authentication service and those free?
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* October 23, 2019, 07:01:37 AM
MeSince authentication service has two types: free automated validation and charged manual validation. The default free automated validation only validates the email control that operated by machine automatically, so it is free. After finishing the validation, an encrypting certificate and a V1 identity certificate are installed, to provide basic encryption service and communication security.

MeSince users can apply the charged validation service, individual can apply Individual Validation service, and organization can apply Organization Validation service. After finishing the identity validation, the identity information will be included in the V2/V3/V4 identity certificate, then the sender can use this identity certificate to send email, the recipient can be sure about the true identity of the sender. MeSince service pattern is we charge the validation fee; all certificates are free and no quantity limit. And the free validation service’s certificates also are free and no limit.

The charged service is not compulsory, and the two free certificates can meet the basic email encrypting and signing need. The only difference is that the charged user will get V2/V3/V4 certificates that content identity information and will enjoy some value-added service.