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Lesson 18 -- MeSince®, lets every email has an identity to eliminate email fraud
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* October 23, 2019, 06:39:30 AM
With MeSince, each email has its own identity. This will be added to the theme on our website. The current version of MeSince is focusing on the importance of encryption, but in our point of view, a verified identity is also important. An email from a fake bank will be displayed as dangerous. Google Chrome currently displays “secure” for all websites that are configured with a SSL certificate. Even if it’s a fake website, it displays secure. This is far more harmful to users.

The upcoming version will display the sender’s email, as shown in the snapshot below. Fake bank email sender cannot apply for certificate that can bind email addresses of the real bank. Therefore, given HSBC has their identity information expressly displayed through MeSince, their users can easily tell the difference between real emails from them and those fake.

Therefore, MeSince is the software that addresses the email frauds. This is a extraordinary change to the world, and this, we believe, is a gospel to the Internet users.

MeSince®, lets every email be encrypted to eliminate email leak.
MeSince®, lets every email has an identity to eliminate email fraud.

Therefore, the below are updated to MeSince Manifesto.

MeSince®, the first email client that digitally sign and timestamp every outgoing email automatically as default, provides a technology tool to prevent email fraud. We recommend all Internet users use MeSince® to send all email with digital signature to show email real identity, ensuring that your emails are not impersonated and very easy to identify fake identity emails and fraudulent emails.

We call on all Internet users say "NO" to plain text email and send every email with encryption. We call on all Internet users say "NO" to non-identity email and send every email with digital signature.