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Lesson 15 -- Prevent frauds
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* October 23, 2019, 06:37:22 AM
Besides automated encryption, MeSince automated the processes of signing and timestamping too. The timestamp and signature, display the real identity information of the sender and the sending time of the email. Recipient can easily confirm the identity of the sender and the sending time, which prevents him from tricks and fraud.

There are chances that some people receive email from a fake bank that may tell him to click a tricky link and enter their bank account and password! This is the most typical phishing. The criminals can get bank accounts and their password by such means to steal money from the real owner of the accounts.

For example, the following two fraud emails sender's email address is using the real bank email address to confuse users since the sender email address can be arbitrarily written and easy to be forged.

As shown in the third picture (Simulation effect), if HSBC Bank signs and/or encrypts the sending emails to the user, the user can easily know that the email was sent by HSBC Bank since MeSince says "Identity Validated and Trusted". It is impossible to obtain the identity certificate of name as HSBC Bank for the fake email address, so it is easy to identify the fraud email. The bank only needs to tell the users that if the email without the digital signature of the bank is a fake email, the user will not be deceived. MeSince lets users to identify fraudulent emails easily.