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Lesson 13 -- Question raised on ISC
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* October 23, 2019, 06:36:16 AM
Below are questions raised in Internet Security Conference (ISC), and our answers to them.

User One:
Our group has a user base of 400,000. Such a solution that requires everyone of them to install MeSince to realize the function of encryption, can in no way be approved. Currently we are using customized email system of enterprise supplied by 126 and the like. They are all accessed by web.

Question 1: For enterprise that has a large customer base, it is impractical to ask each one of them to install the APP. Is it possible to develop a batch tool for operation management to simplify downloading, installing and batch management?

Question 2: For company with large number of employees, is it still free for identity validation and employee certificates?

User Two:
The quantity of our employees is tens of thousands, and that amount hasn't counted our communication with the external. It sounds just unpractical to ask everyone of the employees and our customers to install the client software.

Question 3: Our company has more than ten thousands employees, and tons of communications among internal and with external happen every day. It is just not realistic to ask all of them to install the MeSince APP.

A unified answer for the questions is as follow.

First. MeSince is not a closed system but an open one under international email standard, which ensures that it can communicate to other email clients. More importantly, its encryption function is based on international S/MIME standard and the encripting certificate complies to applicable international standards. It can be used to send encrypted emails to communicate with other email clients that supports S/MIME (like, Outlook, Thunderbird and iMail).
MeSince encrypts all emails by default, but if S/MIME encryption is not available to your customers, you can send them unencrypted emails. Of course, for the security of your confidential information, we suggest that you also recommend MeSince to your cooperators to protect business confidentiality together.

Second. It’s not practical to implement email encryption and decipher under web-based. After all, html is limited in functions. Therefore, email client is the best choice. Actually, the installation is quite simple. Visit: and download the correct version. All are one-button operations. After installation, you just need to set your email account. The manager who is in charge of this, is only required to send an email to every employee to tell them to install the APP. If your server supports Exchange, Autodiscover or SRV and etc., MeSince will automate the email account setting without any hassle. If you find that MeSince does not automate the account setting, please make contact to us, and we will add the parameter of your email account into our system for free.
If the email client you are using does not support S/MIME, we recommend you use another one that supports the standard. We would certainly like to recommend you MeSince, to fully automate encryption on your emails. If the email client you are using support S/MIME and you want to encrypt your email, you need to apply a certificate from a CA and send the public key to each of your recipient to enable the encryption, which are all complex. That’s why we recommend you use MeSince to fully automate the process. We believe automated email encryption, from certificate application to public key exchange, is the only effective way to facilitate email encryption. Therefore, we recommend you the product.

Third. Certificate that MeSince deploys automatically, is all free, regardless of the number of your employees. If you apply for V3 or V4 validation (The certificate will display your company name, to prevent fraud), we only charge the fee of the validation, and certificates that will be issued are all free. In a word, there is no limit in the number of certificate issued, regardless of the number of employees or devices.

To sum up, MeSince is standard email client that supports S/MIME, not a closed system. It can be used to send encrypted emails to communicate with other email client, on the condition that other email client supports S/MIME too. If the email client you are using does not support S/MIME, use MeSince soon. For functions you want MeSince to have, please tell us and we will provide them to you.