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Lesson 10 -- SPAM Management
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* October 23, 2019, 06:34:10 AM
Traditionally, SPAM is handled in mail server or email client by scanning on content of the email. Given that emails are all encrypted on MeSince, this mechanism is no longer available. For the necessity of SPAM preventing, MeSince introduce two mechanisms on the client end.

The mechanisms are based on blacklisting. When receiving SPAM, users are expected to hit the button as shown in the image below to report the sender, and then all later emails sent from the same address will be sorted into SPAM folder. If the email address is reported by many users as spammer, it will be listed in our Cloud-based Blacklist which will be synchronized to each user’s MeSince to prevent them from receiving emails from this spammer.

In case that some email addresses might be misjudged as spammer, there is Whitelist in MeSince APP, where you can list trusted ones. When receiving an email, MeSince checks the Whitelist first. As long as the sender is in Whitelist, the user will receive it in his inbox, whether or not it has been listed in any blacklist.

MeSince also identifies similar sender address according to their styles. MeSince is also planning to develop the email content scanning, which means to scan email content after the email is deciphered, to detect if it is SPAM.
Please report any SPAM when you receive them, which protects you and others from SPAM.