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No. But, a free individual validation will be provided for you as a gift for your cooperation on the organization validation application. You need to sign in your MeSince account in MeSince website and follow the process of individual validation to finally get this bonus.
Work email is for work, you should use your personal email to apply individual validation. If your company has applied organization validation, then you will totally be banned to use your work email to apply for individual validation. And in the case that your company hasn’t apply organization validation, then you are free to use the work email for individual validation (not recommended), but later when your company has applied for organization validation, you will be noticed to change your email address for your individual validation, otherwise you can’t get your V3 identity certificate.

That is to say, one email can only be one identity, personal identity or organization identity. If your company does not have an enterprise email account and uses a public free email address as a business email address and personal email address, you will need to re-apply for a free email address for business to apply for organization validation.
MeSince only charges the validation fee. That means which type validation you choose, the relevant signing certificates are free, and the number of them is unlimited. Specifically, if you are using an email address on N devices, then MeSince will issue N signing certificates to configure on those N devices without charge, this is same for free validation and charged validation.

So, for the question, yes, MeSince will not charge fee on certificates and no limit for the number of certificates. For organization validation, the validation service fee is US$89.99 for one year, which is the fee for validation. All your company employees will have V3 identity certificate for free even your company have more 10K employees, and also no limit for all devices used in your company. No number limits on employees or devices, all certificates are free, just charge the identity validation fee.
When your organization have applied Organization Validation, a V3 Identity Certificate will be configured for all employees automatically for free, all employees use this certificate to send signed email that display V3 icon in the email. If you receive email from your colleague that display V4 icon, this means he/she applied the V4 Identity Certificate.

If you applied Individual Validation using your personal email, and your company applied Organization Validation, then you can apply the V4 Identity Certificate for free. If you don’t apply Individual Validation, but your company applied Organization Validation, then you can apply the V4 Identity Certificate, but you need to pay for this by yourself, after finishing the application, then you are qualified to apply Individual Validation for free and get the V2 Identity Certificate for free. This means that you just need to pay one for Individual Validation or for V4 Identity Certificate, you will get two identity certificates (V2 and V4).
The longest period for validation is 3 years, which has discount vary from 10 to 20 percent. The 3-year limit is decided by two factors: One is a requirement by the standard, that the longest period for a certificate must be no more than 39 months. The other is that, in too long a period, identity status of an organization or individual may change.

As for the free encrypting certificate, MeSince will issue a new one every 39 months. For identity certificate, before it expires, please re-apply the validation in your account and MeSince will issue a new one.

Certainly, you can pay fees for more than 3 years of validation fee and after 3 years, you only need to do a new validation process.
For charged validation, the identity certificates subject information language is same as your identity document language. The user can apply on our website for certificates for other languages. The first foreign language certificate is free and from the second, it will be charged. For organization validation, the authorized person can choose one language as default foreign language for free, if employee like to have other language certificate, then he/she need to pay for this additional language certificate, each language charge US$1.99.
For the default free V1 validation, the system will automatically renew the default certificates after configure a new 13-month identity certificate. For charged validation, please renew your subscription within one month before the expiration of the validation and enjoy a 20% discount. There is no discount after it is expired.

If the charged validation does not renew after expiration, it will be automatically downgraded to free validation. Only the default V1 identity certificate will be configured. You can still continue to use MeSince encryption service for free.
Activities / Use MeSince APP, Millions of Gift for you!
« Last post by v-fuhaiyan on October 23, 2019, 06:46:44 AM »
We provides millions of gift for our users. Check the news on MeSince Website. ;) ;)
Today, MeSince Technology Limited, a Shenzhen, China, hi-tech company, launched the world's first encrypted email client software – MeSince, Public Beta, that uses digital certificates to automatically encrypt each outgoing email and add a timestamp to each email automatically. This software was built with thousand day and night hard work, the company has its own independent intellectual property rights, it is released simultaneously globally, supports 15 common used languages, supports Windows, Android and Apple iOS, and plans to release Linux and Apple MacOS versions in the future.

Email leakage has become a global increasingly serious security problem. The only effective way to solve this problem is to encrypt the email content before sending it. However, there is currently no email client software on the global market that seamlessly and automatically supports the use of digital certificates to encrypt email. MeSince now implements automatic application of encryption certificates and the default encryption of every email, with a trusted time stamp for each outgoing message. MeSince let users to easily implement automatic certificate encryption for each email, protecting personal privacy and corporate secrets from being illegally stolen and used illegally.

MeSince is a free email client APP with client certificates automation, it supports S/MIME standard for email encryption and digital signature, and it support RFC3161 timestamp. Users don't need to know any extra knowledge about certificate and encryption, and don't need to do any extra work to set it, just need to setup email account correct, then user can send encrypted email automatically. MeSince can cooperate with all S/MIME support email client software for email encryption and decryption, such as Microsoft Outlook, Mozilla Thunderbird and Apple iMail.

At present, the global Internet security industry is promoting the "HTTPS only", because http is a plain text transmission. But the daily used email for work and life is also in plain text transmission, so email also need to be encrypted – "S/MIME only". We firmly believe that with the efforts of MeSince, the simplification and automation of the complex S/MIME encryption, MeSince will quickly be spread and widely used in business and personal email communication to fast the popularization of email encryption. MeSince promote the "S/MIME only" to fully achieve end-to-end encryption for all messages and completely protect the Internet users' information security and privacy to let the Internet serve the mankind better.

The MeSince apps (Android, iOS, Windows) and related systems have undergone white box security testing performed by Cure 53, a leading German code security auditing company. Welcome to download MeSince APP and enjoy it, thanks. We welcome your comments on the Public Beta, and we have a Gift for you.
MeSign Open Class / Lesson 20 -- MeSince Applet
« Last post by v-fuhaiyan on October 23, 2019, 06:43:30 AM »
We have been disclosing our MeSince API program. A third party can acquire public keys via our API to send encrypted emails. We also allow MeSince users third party CA and KM, and meanwhile we are going to provide our Trusted Root Program to include third party into MeSince to issue certificates.

We are planning to open to third party software developer to allow them to develop applications surrounding signing, encrypting and timestamping based on MeSince. We will develop other application ourselves. We have planned to develop a “Password Security Box” for users to store their passwords. This program will allow users to store and backup their password to cloud as well as generate some complex password in any registration process on the Internet. Certainly, these passwords stored will be encrypted in the security box.
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