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FAQ / "Wrong password" while my password is definitely right, why?
« Last post by v-fuhaiyan on October 23, 2019, 07:11:14 AM »
There are two reasons:
(1) Some mailboxes require your web login to set up the IMAP/POP3/SMTP service. If you do not have it, you cannot log in to your account using MeSince.
(2) Since MeSince is a new email client software, many free email service providers cannot identify and do not allow a strange email client software to log in to the mailbox. You should receive a notification email and say like “Less secure app” that may be a security risk. You just need to approve and consent to use MeSince to login to your mailbox.
FAQ / How can I recover my deleted account?
« Last post by v-fuhaiyan on October 23, 2019, 07:09:49 AM »
If you want to recover a deleted account, please visit MeSince website, go to “FAQ” – “Account Management” to re-register your account.
Please note: the new configured encryption certificate can’t decrypt the encrypted email that encrypted before account deleting since we completely delete your former encrypting certificate.
FAQ / How can I delete my MeSince account?
« Last post by v-fuhaiyan on October 23, 2019, 07:05:17 AM »
You may delete your MeSince account at any time by logging into your MeSince account in MeSince website. Uninstall your APP doesn't mean you have deleted your account. Your email will be in the "unsubscribed list" that other MeSince users can't get your encrypting certificate and can't send encrypted email to you after you delete your account. MeSince will delete your account data and revoke your Account Certificate within 5 work days after you submit the account deletion request.

Please note: After your account is deleted, you will not be able to log in to your MeSince account and you will not be able to use MeSince. Please uninstall the installed APP. Since the encrypting certificate has been revoked, you may not be able to decrypt the encrypted message using other S/MIME email client software.
FAQ / Is it necessary to register MeSince account to use the service?
« Last post by v-fuhaiyan on October 23, 2019, 07:04:57 AM »
No. You don’t need to register for our Services. Your email address will be used as username (account name) in our system automatically. You can log into your account in MeSince website to check your account information, set and reset your certificate protection password, revoke certificate and lock MeSince on any of your device.
FAQ / Can I check the "Contacts" person's certificate public key certificate?
« Last post by v-fuhaiyan on October 23, 2019, 07:04:38 AM »
If anyone in your “Contact” used MeSince, it has a padlock icon. You can view the public key information, it not only lists the identity certificate, but also list this person’s all encrypting certificates. MeSince will use multi-certificate to encrypt the email, so that the receiver can decrypt the email using one of the encrypting certificates. And you can click the email icon to send encrypted email to the contact after finding the contact.   
FAQ / How can I protect my encrypted email when my mobile phone is lost?
« Last post by v-fuhaiyan on October 23, 2019, 07:04:15 AM »
If your mobile phone is lost, we strongly recommend that you log into MeSince website immediately and apply to revoke the encrypting certificate and signing certificate so that anyone cannot view your encrypted email because the encrypting certificate has been revoked. If you have set a certificate protection password, it is strongly recommended that you immediately reset the certificate protection password.
FAQ / The 'Sent' folder locates differently between PC client and web client.
« Last post by v-fuhaiyan on October 23, 2019, 07:03:25 AM »
The reason is the sent folder is grouped by   [Gmail] tag on PC client.
The other Sent folder on PC side is equal to [Imap]/Sent folder on web, which was created by yourself or created in our earlier release, not the actual folder.
MeSince authentication service has two types: free automated validation and charged manual validation. The default free automated validation only validates the email control that operated by machine automatically, so it is free. After finishing the validation, an encrypting certificate and a V1 identity certificate are installed, to provide basic encryption service and communication security.

MeSince users can apply the charged validation service, individual can apply Individual Validation service, and organization can apply Organization Validation service. After finishing the identity validation, the identity information will be included in the V2/V3/V4 identity certificate, then the sender can use this identity certificate to send email, the recipient can be sure about the true identity of the sender. MeSince service pattern is we charge the validation fee; all certificates are free and no quantity limit. And the free validation service’s certificates also are free and no limit.

The charged service is not compulsory, and the two free certificates can meet the basic email encrypting and signing need. The only difference is that the charged user will get V2/V3/V4 certificates that content identity information and will enjoy some value-added service.
MeSince charges fee for Individual and Organization identity validation service. In the valid period of an identity validation service, MeSince configures the relevant identity certificate automatically without any charge, without limit of certificate in different device.

Encrypting certificate and V1 identity certificate are free and configured automatically after a user sign in his/her email on MeSince. V2/V3/V4 identity certificate also are free after he/she has finished the individual or organization identity validation.MeSince charge the validation fee, all certificates are free without quantity limit.
If the email is your personal email, then you should apply the Individual Validation. After finishing the validation, a V2 Identity Certificate will be configured in your email account that it displays your name and country. And the MeSince UI also will display your name with clear assertion "Identity Validated and Trusted".

If the email is your work email, then you should apply the Organization Validation by yourself or your colleague. After finishing the validation, a V3 Identity Certificate will be configured for all employees’ email account that it displays your organization name and country. And the MeSince UI also will display your organization name with clear assertion "Identity Validated and Trusted".

You can apply for Individual Validation for yourself and apply for Organization Validation for your organization/company. If you are the application requester, we will give you a free Individual Validation gift that you just need to apply without any fee.

If your organization have applied the Organization Validation, then V3 Identity Certificate will be configured automatically for all employees for free, no any additional action needs for employees.
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