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MeSign Open Class / Lesson 2 -- How Public Keys Exchanged
« on: October 23, 2019, 06:27:56 AM »
The previous lesson is about the idea in the designing of the logo and service mark and their pronunciation. Let’s learn more about public key exchange today.
This is another very important function of MeSince. For example, when someone sends an encrypted email to his friend, given that he has his friend's public key in hand, the public key will be uploaded to MeSince Certificate Database (CerDB), and after that, if another person wants to send encrypted email to the friend, MeSince will automatically encrypt the email using the public key stored in the MeSince Certificate Database (CerDB). In the whole process, the friend does not have any of our certificates. The certificate (public key) used to encrypt email being sent to him, belongs to him. In a word, this function does not require a user to have used MeSince before.
If you send email to someone who does not have any certificate at all, in other words, our MeSince Certificate Database (CerDB) does not contain any of his certificates,MeSince will issue a key pair and a self-signed certificate, and use this certificate to send the encrypted email to him. MeSince will also send him a plain text email under your name, to show him how to install MeSince or to download the certificate issued to him to decrypt the email you have sent.
In addition, we support encryption using multiple certificates. We will use every certificate under one email address to encrypt an email, so that a recipient can decipher an encrypted email using any of his certificates.

MeSign Open Class / Lesson 1 -- MeSince logo and Service Mark
« on: October 23, 2019, 06:26:51 AM »
MeSince® is registered in China, USA and UK. "MeSince" is the transliteration of Chinese name "密信" that means "Encryped Letter", "Encrypted Mail", "Encrypted Message", it's pronunciation is /mi:sin/. It is a compound word of two common words "Me" and "Since".

MeSince trademark icon is a combination of uppercase letters "L" and "M". "L" represents the word "Letter", and it can also be understood as the word "Lock"; "M" represents the word "Mail", and it can also be understood as the word "Message". Altogether, it means encrypting all messages by email.

Privacy me since I use MeSince.

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